November 26, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are so blessed to have met (through phone calls, email and booking channels), so many amazing friends. Mahalo!

I've just added some new pool pictures, provided by Linda S (owner of RK714). Enjoy. The pool and pool deck look amazing!


October 23, 2019

The pool is open!!! Oh, Happy Day!

There is still a bit of finish work and cleanup but it is ready for you.

Much mahalo to the Royal Kahana staff for an amazing job.

And, thank you to our guests for their patience and understanding!!


 October 17, 2019 @ 1:49 PST

The following note was received from the Homeowners Office. Our apologies for the delay. 

 Pool availability update

Aloha Everyone,
The forecast for rain and equipment availability has pushed the pool open date from 10/20 to 10/23.  Mahalo for your patience,
Your AOAO staff  


October 8, 2019 

Dan and I are here on Maui now and while we are being told that the pool will be open on time, we find it difficult to not share our doubts with our guests. The contractor is working hard Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm. They did run  into some unforeseen issues and some heavy rain, We are hopeful. As we learn more we will update. 

The great news is the beach is in better shape than it has been in five years; it is amazing. I hope so much that Mother Nature is kind. I em enjoying the delight of our current guests, especially the joy in the faces of the children. 

I've added few pictures of the beach today above. 

Received June 27, 2019


Aloha Owners and Agents

The full scope of the pool deck work is in the scheduling phase. The project start date and the pool closing date is September 23rd. The pool will reopen by October 20th.

The phases of work are:

Removal of the current surface down to a clean cement surface and repair of the pool bottom fitting. This phase consists of several large surface grinding machines making a lot of noise and creating dust. The anticipated length of this phase is less than 10 days.

The next phase consists of repairing the pool bottom fitting. The preparation of the clean deck surface for installation of the new surface. The preparation includes crack repair and filling low spots in the cement deck. This work will consist of a keeping the pool closed, a moderate amount of noise, and some dust. The length of time is solely dependent on the current condition of the cement under the current coverage. This phase will start on completed removal sections before the first phase completes.

The final phase consists of applying the surface material. The timing of this phase is flexible. Completion not mandatory. Management of the timing in this phase guarantees work will stop on time in this phase. 

Sincerely Larry Hansen


Note received from the Royal Kahana Homeowners Office June 6, 2019


Refurbishment of the entire pool deck surface:  This will likely take place starting the last week of September, extending into the first two weeks in October 2019. This is an extensive and much needed project.  The material applied over the years will be removed exposing the underlying concrete which will then be inspected and a new surface applied.  We will likely contract this work out in the hope of minimizing the amount of time the deck and pool will be closed.

Proposals are being sent out and more information will be shared regarding the details of this project, including the effective dates, as soon as they are known 

>Pending projects: {posted 6/6/19}

  • Replacement of ADA pool lift
  • Install cover over grill area
  • Replacement of 1st floor patio foot lights
  • Re-installation of propane tiki light torches
  • Replace dry sand pipe

>Refurbishment of Pool Deck area scheduled for 9/23-10/11/19 {posted 6/6/19} (see above note)

>Pest Control:  Interior/Exterior starting at 7am {Notice Received 1/10/19}

  • 8/9/19
  • 11/9/19

The dates above are tentative.

Please note that the adjacent Valley Isle Resort plans on rebuilding the health club, the porte cochere, the lobby, and the walkway to their high-rise is underway starting roughly Aug 1, 2019 and ending around May 2020.  It is not known if Royal Kahana guests in the south portion of the building will be affected by noise.


May 2019

Dan and I were on-island in May, and yes, we have beach and beach access!!!! Hooray!

Shelly 🌸🌺


Received Fri 5/10/2019 5:37 PM

Tree removal is nearly complete.  The concrete is especially stubborn in one location, requiring the use of a jack hammer on Monday, May 13th.  Noise associated with this equipment will last approximately one hour, the noise level on a scale of 1-10 is about an 8; this should be the last of it for a while. 



We reached out to management for an update this morning, on projects at the Royal Kahana. Here is, in part an, email received.

 The shoreline work is still underway.  We are awaiting approval to continue the new bags up to near the sidewalk.  Once Sea Engineering gets the go ahead, the actual work would take about a day, give or take for weather.  The remaining work will consist of reinstalling the plywood fence to run parallel to the new bags, then do spot repairs if the deck that could include pneumatic chiseling of the remaining concrete footings and then floating the deck where needed and then paint it.  This is not the full blown reconstruction that is still in the future, but there will be noise for 7-10 days....the loud stuff lasting one or two days.  Exact timing is tough but my guess is that it is very likely it will  be complete before April 21st.   




Dan called the Onsite Management today. Larry stated that he anticipates the shoreline work to finish up Mid-week next week. Finger crossed. Mahalo for your patience and understanding!

Shelly 🌸🌺



We received the following note from the Royal Kahana Management:


The reconfiguration and repair of our shoreline protection has begun.  We anticipate this work to continue for several days but it does not impact pool use and other than the  "tractor noise",  it doesn't seem to bother our guests.  This is a much needed repair and once complete, we will have a much more robust system in place to protect our property.  We will also be able to repair and reopen the deck area once occupied by the cabana.  That's all for now.  





Happy New Year!  🌸🌺 

Our family is currently on-island and shared with us that the beach directly in front of the resort is not accessible. Remember this can change day-to-day depending on Mother-Nature. 

Here are a couple of nearby beaches but remember Maui has a beautiful beach around every corner; some perfect for snorkeling others better for swimming with toddlers, all perfect for sunbathing. Our family has always enjoyed exploring the beaches. 

  • Kahekili Beach Park (Airport Beach): generally calm conditions, excellent snorkeling and swimming, public restrooms, BBQ grills and large grassy area
  • Honokowai Beach Park: great for snorkeling due to shallow, reef protected beach, Children’s playground area, plenty of shade, tables and BBQ grills
  • Pohaku Park (S-Turns): calmer during summer months, sandy and rocky shoreline, picnic tables